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Compliance Solutions Network

Compliance Solutions Network Webinars

Compliance Solutions Network Webinars are an on-going series of virtual meetings offering structured training on all the critical compliance topics … presented by qualified experts.

Complex Guidelines … Challenging Reports … Deadlines Approaching!

School and agency administrators know that compliance is essential to retain program funding, yet the state and federal guidelines and regulations can be challenging and difficult to understand and implement. Deadlines are approaching.

The financial reports must include specific requirements. More and more, New York State and federal audits will be scrutinizing your reports, compliance plans and operations to ensure full and complete compliance with significant consequences for noncompliance.

Get The Assistance and Training You Need Via Convenient Webinars

Now, you can attend an online discussion, meeting or training with an expert along with other compliance professionals to learn vital information. In less than two-hours – from your office, home or wherever you like – you can receive a well prepared presentation that boils it all down to the essentials for you.

  • Receive a structured training session that walks you through the essentials
  • See and keep a copy of the slides and handouts
  • Hear an expert explain the details
  • Receive a formal training certificate
  • Even ask questions during that session that can be addressed after the meeting

Training Webinars With Compliance Experts

CSN training webinars are led and moderated by Jane Ryan, CPA, who has led compliance presentations and training sessions with hundreds of schools and agencies. Listen to a seasoned professional explain the regulations, the proper preparation of reports and the things you need to know in the “fine print.” Jane has guided and assisted many organizations, large and small, to successful compliance and secure funding. She can do the same for your organization.

CSN’s Jane Ryan has strong relationships with many professionals in the compliance field who are ready to deliver and present on information compliance topics. Sessions will be added throughout the year based on your input and interest, as well as relevant breaking information from government oversight agencies.

A Great Value

CSN fee-based information webinars are very cost effective for a formal webinar training session. That’s a great value!

Compare that to the costs of paying for a training session and then traveling to a meeting and dedicating a day – or more – to get this same information.

Payment can be entered easily and securely through PayPal using a credit or debit card. Payment can also be by invoice and check. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Compliance Solutions Network Webinars are guaranteed to deliver the information and assistance stated in the webinar descriptions.  If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, your registration fee will be credited to you for registration on another webinar session.

Watch For Upcoming Webinars!

If you are interested in a training a training topic, let us know!