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Important Note: Calendar Year 2022 CFR Reports are Due May 1, 2023 for OMH and SED providers. An extension is necessary to submit to file by June 1, 2023. All other providers, the CFR is Due June 1, 2023 with no extensions.

There are important revisions with the Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus Program, Child Stabilization Initiatives and other funding reporting requirements.

Did you know that your preparation of the Consolidated Fiscal Report (“CFR”) could be more efficient and compliant if you prepare and plan the steps with a CFR Action List? This list can outline responsibilities and adherence to CFR manual appendices and help to manage deadlines.

Do You Know the CFR Requirements for Allocations Appendix J?

These guidelines are for allocating program costs, exclusive of agency administration, when a program serves more than one State Agency or when more than one program shares the same item of expense. Examples are given utilizing shared staff, capital and general operating costs as the major categories of expense. Exceptions are for certain OPWDD Programs (Appendix FF) and Covid Special Considerations.