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Effective July 1, 2015, the methodology for the SEIT program has changed from an enrollment basis of service to a system of reimbursement based on actual attendance of preschool children receiving such services. Final methodology and details are pending with NYSED such as tuition rates, absentee factors, etc. NYCDOE has released contracts which specify requirements for billing.


Included In the regulations 200.9 (f)(2)(ix)(c) is a description of services included in the rate.

Billable time –defined as the time spent providing direct and/or indirect special education itinerant services.

–Other Required functions –which include but are not limited to coordination of service when both special education itinerant services and related services are provided to a student pursuant to section 4410(1)(j) of the Education Law; preparation for and attendance at committee on preschool special education meetings; conferencing with the student’s parents; classroom observation; and/or travel for the express purposes of such functions as stated above.

Details will follow once methodology is approved: Major changes proposed: Indirect Cost screen reduced to 25% from 30%. Supervising Teacher PTC Code 215 will be eliminated and now all PTC 518 (indirect).