If your agency is subject to Executive Order #38 (“EO #38) and therefore a Covered Provider, the deadline for filing the report is 180 days after the end of the fiscal year.  For fiscal 18/19 CFR filers that time would be 12/28/19, and for calendar year filers June 28, 2020. If your agency does not file a CFR, your agency can choose your filing date and covered period. Step 1 is to determine if your agency meets criteria namely the $500,000 SF/SAP requirement and 30% SF/SAP of total in-state revenue requirement to be a Covered Provider. Step 2 If the answer to Step 1 is Yes, are you in compliance with the 15% Administrative Expense Limitation? Step 3 Do you have Covered Executives in compliance with the $199,000 threshold? Now is the time to review your options and set up your books and records to ensure your compliance!