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Our Commitment To Act In an Ethical and Lawful Manner

The management and people of Compliance Solutions Network, a service of Jane Ryan Associates, Inc., hereby declare that it is chief among our policies and guiding principles to conduct all business in a way that is consistent with the highest moral and ethical standards, and in compliance with all applicable laws.

Jane Ryan and all Jane Ryan Associates, Inc., personnel vow to act lawfully, in a professional manner and with the utmost integrity in presenting and providing our services. In everything we do, we will strive to protect and enhance the reputation and performance of our clients and our company. We are committed to act in an ethical and lawful manner with all government representatives, clients, presenters, contributors and sponsors.

All Compliance Solutions Network professionals understand that ethical conduct and the maintenance of integrity are fundamental parts of our duty. Our commitment to ethical behavior in business, personal and community conduct extends beyond the duties imposed by laws or regulations and clearly includes:

  • Honesty and loyalty in dealings with the company, fellow employees, and clients
  • Careful avoidance of deceptive practices or dishonorable conduct
  • Exercising sound business judgment while providing the highest possible standard of service to clients
  • Upholding fiduciary responsibility to clients
  • Proper safeguarding of firm and client information, which is proprietary and confidential
  • Avoidance of any conflict of interest, including full disclosure to all clients of any and all potential conflict
  • Safeguarding of contact information.