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Per DOH Memo: “The NYS Department of Health has contracted with Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) to coordinate and implement a provider cost reporting system for the NYS Early Intervention Program, as authorized in 10 NYCRR Section 69-4.5(a)(2). This project is separate from PCG’s State Fiscal Agent operations and repeats the first cost report effort conducted in 2011.

The Bureau of Early Intervention (Bureau) worked with PCG to create a sample of EI providers, including agencies who received more than $500,000 in gross EI revenue in FY2012.  You are receiving this notice because your agency has been selected for the cost report sample. 

Sampled agencies will be asked to submit information pertaining to agency revenue, costs, and early intervention service utilization for their 2012 fiscal year (either calendar year 2012 or the July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012 program year).  Sampled agencies must also submit audited financial statements or, when audited financial statements are unavailable, additional backup to support the information in the cost report.  A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) must certify the cost report for any agency that receives more than $500,000 in gross EI revenue annually.

If your agency is required to complete Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR), please refer to your most recently completed CFR for reconciliation purposes.”

If you require assistance our firm will be available to work with you through the process. Please contact Jane Ryan @ (516) 409-4259 or jryan@ jeryan.com. We are experienced and familiar with the process and worked with the first round of reports in 2011.