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Consolidated Fiscal Reporting

Our firm is available to prepare and/or review the Consolidated Fiscal Report (“CFR”). This report is critical as it is used for the audit of your programs and for rate setting methodologies. In an audit engagement, this report will be the basis for the review and/or disallowances.

It is crucial that all guidance and references from the CFR Manual are followed, along with acceptable allocation methodologies.

Critical Compliance Sections of the CFR:

  • Appendix I: Agency Administration
  • Appendix J: Allocation Methodologies
  • Appendix L: Time Studies
  • Appendix R: Position Title Codes Requirements

We perform compliance reviews when the CFR is prepared internally or externally and consult to review the key compliance requirements above. We can also review your allocation methodologies and provide the required allocation policy.

“Our firm has and continues to provide guidance in interpreting and applying these complex requirements. J.E. Ryan & Associates can assist you in aligning the CFR Manual to your programs and creating an audit compliance program to help ensure your success in an audit from a governmental agency.”