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Many significant changes have been made to OPWDD reporting codes as well as NYSED reporting for SEIS services.

Instructions for SED Funded and/or Certified Service Providers

  1. Clarification has been added to the CFR-4 instructions regarding the reporting of Hours Paid for SEIS (SEIT) programs (Program Codes 9135-9139) concerning direct and indirect hours worked.
  2. SEIS (SEIT) (Program Codes 9135-9139) specific instructions have been added to Appendix R for Supervising Teachers, Codes 215 and 518.

3. Mandated Units of Service for SEIS (SEIT) programs (Program Codes 9135-9139) should now be reported on Schedule SED-1, line 111, instead of Schedule CFR-1, line 13

Please visit http://www.oms.nysed.gov/rsu/Manuals_Forms/Manuals/CFRManual/CurrentYear/Fiscal1516/2015-16CFRTransmittalLetter.html or call our office for more information.