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Assistance with Government Audits

auditmagWe strongly recommend that agencies develop a proactive, not reactive, approach to compliance which will help your agency be successful with government audits.

Most agencies receiving federal and state funds and/or billing Medicaid can expect to undergo an external audit from a governmental agency. All 4410 Preschools can expect an audit from the Office of NYS Comptroller under current legislation.

When an agency or school is notified that they will undergo an audit, we are available to assist with preparation and can provide representation to meet with audit agencies and review requested information before submission.

The firm has organized and documented procedures and protocols.  These procedures and protocols encompass experience, findings, and expert knowledge of prior audit findings and regulatory compliance guidelines.

It is recommended that all agencies undergo an audit “readiness” and compliance review before notification of an impending audit.

Assistance can include (not all inclusive):

  • Preparation and/or assistance with Requested Office of NYS Comptroller (“OSC”) Crosswalks
  • Preparation of Requested Schedules/Reconciliations
  • Review of Agency Files and Documentation
  • Representation at meetings
  • Preparation and/or Assistance with Preliminary, Draft and Final Audit Findings responses
  • Assistance with Corrective Action Plans Required for Government agencies

Let us help your agency be in compliance and be ready for an audit. Let us use our mock audit  and compliance accountability programs to help identify weakness or pressure points and be ready on Day 1!

Our firm has developed a product called Compliance Accountability Program (“CAP”). What is CAP and why is it important?

CAP pulls together ALL the current findings of audits, all current regulations and requirements and also goes beyond minimum requirements to incorporate best practices. It is a progressive process, which on Day 1 identifies deficiencies and improvements necessary. Those identified improvements are targeted into a comprehensive plan which fits your budget and time plan.

Included, but not limited to, Policies, Internal Audit, Risk Assessments, Consolidated Fiscal Reporting (“CFR”) Rules, Reimbursable Cost Manual (“RCM”), Executive Compensation and More…

Contact us today to reserve your spot before you are notified of an audit from a governmental agency. We can help your agency to be compliant! We have a model approach to assist  your agency or school to be prepared for governmental audits. Let us proactively assist you for “audit readiness.”

“I have created this program through a need for agencies to pull together quickly all of the requirements that they will be expected to know upon a desk review and/or audit. This program from Day 1 identifies need of the agency and deficiencies. You MUST know all the CFR and RCM rules and regulations to be successful. There is no time to delay.”