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Compliance Is An Investment Well Spent

There is a compliance budget and program for every agency to fit resources and capabilities. The dividends of fraud prevention and successful audits are a big return on investment.

To Maintain Quality It Must Be Continual And Consistent

Once you invest in a compliance program, you must continually train and be proactive as to changes in regulations and methodology. Changes in staffing and the government climate dictates continual review.

It Takes Less Time To Develop A Compliance System Than To Explain Audit Disallowances

The comfort of having solid internal controls and knowing that you are performing risk assessments and monitoring through internal auditing will help to guide you through a government audit and mitigate disallowances.
“I have found Jane Ryan and her staff to be extremely responsive when I need them to help me understand changes in the CFR or RCM Manuals. I have comfort that someone is watching what I need to do to protect my agency”
“I love that the firm reviews my work and prepares the CFR. I am very busy with other responsibilities and count on the compliance review and recommendations”
“The advice and information in being audit ready for our agency was priceless. We have improved our internal controls and have have started an RCM checklist which is reviewed before we prepare our CFR.”